After all the posts about food, I decided that it was time to take a break from it and talk about something different for now – Meditation.


Undoubtedly, one of the strongest ways to become smarter, more intelligent and think much better in improving your brain’s ability is meditation. I love this method the most as it even has benefits way beyond becoming smarter, but let’s not get to that, it’s out of the topic!

It has been proven that meditation is so powerful that it can actually modify the brain physically and train it in ways that few people can imagine – disproving the common notion that the nerve connections within the brain are determined at birth and cannot be changed.

This means that you can alter your mind to become more intelligent and smarter than ever before.

The benefits of meditation go beyond just giving the brain more oxygen, which I talked about in Eating to your Smartness Part 2 – it creates higher brain activity, heightened awareness, better focus, better memory and better learning ability. You will be able to think better, and produce better results with more focus on anything you set out to achieve be it scoring in exams, or simply just to improve your life.

Buddhist monks said that it helps increase concentration and attention, as can be seen in this article here which also talks about the other benefits of meditation.

On a Washington Post article here, it said this,

What we found is that the long-time practitioners showed brain activation on a scale we have never seen before” – Dr. Richard Davidson

It’s a very strong reason to begin meditation I think, and what makes it even better is the whole myriad of other benefits it has, including relaxation and stress management which also actually benefits your brain and thinking ability because it functions much better when not under pressure, as you can tell from your own experiences as well.

Don’t know where to start?

A few ways to pick up meditation:


First Way

The first way is to take good ol’ lessons from your friendly neighborhood instructor. If you don’t know of any, ask your friends and they might be taking lessons themselves or maybe they know someone who does it, or you could just look at the newspaper classifieds to look for a trainer. The costs can range from $300 to $2500, so it’s quite an investment.

One that is quite popular in the USA can be found here:

Second Way

If you want to go all out on become smarter and more intelligent, you’ll want to get to learn the more advanced techniques which will bring your brain to an even higher level.

I found Secrets of Meditation while I was searching for alternatives to the expensive coaching sessions. It’s a good course and that will bring you all the way from the beginner level up to the advanced level. You can even start immediately as its a digital product and no shipping is needed.

They are offering a free e-course on meditation, so it’d be good to pop in and sign up anyways!

Click here to start using Secrets of Meditation!

Third Way

If you want to try it out at a very low cost (only $7), this next one perfect. I stumbled upon this book while I was searching for beginner courses on meditation and I found it pretty good for starting out.

The book I’m talking about is Easy Meditations.

It’s great for beginners and I highly recommend it if you’ve had no prior experience in meditation. The book explains and teaches you everything that you need to know about beginning meditation and the great thing is, you can begin reading what they teach immediately after the purchase because you get to download it right after. It beats the starter courses you find elsewhere outside that can cost hundreds or even thousands.

Click here to get Easy Meditations!

That’s all I have on meditation for today! It’s definitely one of the strongest, if not the strongest method for brain enhancement and maximization.

To Your Smartness!



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