Nootropics? What is this weird sounding word?

It’s actually a group of substances that can make you smarter, in short, drugs that can make you smarter.

They achieve this effect in three different ways:

  • Increase the Neurotransmitter Count in Your Brain
  • Stimulate Nerve Growth
  • Increasing Oxygen Supply to Your Brain

Why It Makes You Smarter

  1. Increasing the neurotransmitter count in your brain has MASSIVE benefits: you can improve your ability to focus, improve your calculation ability, improve your creativity, improve your mood and become smarter. All I have mentioned in Tip #5 to great detail. The benefits of having more neurotransmitters in your brain, I’ve stated it here and here, tips #4 and #5 respectively.
  2. Thinking is very demanding, and neurons have to be fired all the time in this process, which leads to depletion of these neurotransmitters and lowers your brain’s performance. If you don’t replenish this supply of neurotransmitters, you will lose your concentration abilities, get a bad mood (which results in rash and dumb decisions), learn slower and get mental fatigue. All these you definitely do not want.
  3. As you age, your ability to produce larger quantities of these neurotransmitters decreases, and you will suffer all these consequences. However, nootropics can fix this problem and maintain the amount of these important chemicals in your brain, and remain smart.
  4. As for Oxygen, it increases your focus, your concentration ability and keeps your brain alert, so you can think better, straighter and faster – thus, coming up with better solutions and ideas and also prevents you from falling to reflex tricks, allowing you to beat people around you at thinking of solutions to problems – in other words, you become smarter. The benefits of oxygen, I have spoken about in another article here, tip #3.
  5. Taking these nootropics daily will have your brain becoming a lot more powerful. In this medical age, many things are possible, and this is one of the greater ones. I mean, making yourself smarter? Who could have imagined in the past this was possible?!

Benefits range from social superiority to better performance at almost anything you do to simply living better because you can overcome a lot more things when you’re smarter.

What You Can Do To Become Smarter

Simple. Go down to your local pharmacy and get some nootropics, or add foods which are nootropic into your diet. There are also some very easy ways to get these online – its more convenient and you have access to some of the best nootropics around, which you might find hard to find at your local store. I’ll be telling you how to get these in a moment.

  • Plan your meals so you include nootropics
  • Easier method – Just get the pills and pop it once a day, simple as that. It might even have better results as you control how much you take in, something you cannot see or know with regular food.
  • The Best Method - Combine both.

How You Can Do It To Become Smarter

  • Eat the right foods to increase your neurotransmitter count, as can be seen in Tip #4 and Tip #5. I won’t elaborate here since it’s available on the other post.
  • Get the proven and reliable nootropics out in the market. I stress ‘PROVEN’ and ‘RELIABLE’ because there are some scams out there that are just trying to make a quick buck. I’m going to present the good ones here so that you won’t have a hard time finding them and risking your health unnecessarily.

It’s amazing what science can do today. There is one Nootropic that has been proven again and again to achieve this – but I will keep the best for the last.

  • One of the nootropics in the list is the all-famous Ginkgo Biloba. It does not affect the brain directly – but it improves your blood circulation, which means your brain gets more oxygen, and the benefits start to kick in. (See Tip #3 for the benefits)
  • Modafinil is another you can take, and it improves your memory, concentration, focus and also your mood. It has also been shown to reduce the amount of sleep you need – a very useful application as I will speak about in another tip in the coming week
  • Vitamin C is a nootropic for Dopamine, which enhances your learning ability and therefore, your intelligent memory, enabling you to think of effective solutions to problems. So, eat your fruits and vegetables and you should be good to go.
  • Tryptophan increases serotonin levels, which also enhances learning ability and your mood, which is important because your brain will not function as well when it’s under pressure.
  • Chromium stabilizes your blood-sugar level improves oxygen flow to the brain which enables better concentration. Essentially, it gives your brain energy.
  • Caffeine (Yes, coffee helps) increases your mental agility, stamina, concentration and focus. However, try not to take too much of it as some research results advice against it.
  • Alpha-GPC increases your acetylcholine levels, which improves memory, concentration and focus. It also helps in high-order thought processing, which is what the neurotransmitter is responsible for.
  • BrainQuicken - The most reputable instant effect nootropic out in the market. It is used by students at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford and by 17 World Champions. It is the most impressive nootropic around and its benefits are guaranteed to kick within 60 minutes of the first dose – yes, you become more intelligent within the hour. They are so confident that they are even giving you a 110% guarantee, so it’s risk-free to try out. You can buy BrainQuicken here.

Here’s to wrap up on nootropics.

To Your Smartness!


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