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Hopefully, you’ll find some use for them to give your feedback more easily and I’ll be using those to improve the website – so it can provide you with the best information on becoming smarter.

Now, as for the polls, they will be used to help me understand you even more, so I’ll be able to respond to you and hopefully, make you even smarter. ;)

Also, I apologize for not posting new information these 2 days as I’ve been busy.

Stereoscopic Images


Here’s a really cool link with more images you should check out:


It’s a bunch of stereo pictures with two frames that play one after another, and each is from a slightly different perspective, so you get the 3D effect. Both our eyes do just exactly that, each looking from a different angle, which allows us to perceive depth. This simply means that people with one eye cannot tell depth from sight alone, and will need to use logic such as size of object to determine it.

Another place to explore is here:


It has awesome parallel viewing images, but you have to train yourself to see these and its VERY rewarding! Try it. It may take more than an hour but if you have the time, it’s really fun.

I personally find the cross-eyed method easier, and managed to do it with a picture of a pretty lady in the past and my god, I almost wanted to… well… hold her hand! (Have to keep it safe)

It’s out of the blog’s subject scope, so I won’t delve into it much!

That’s all for today, it’s a short post but watch out for part 3 of “Eating to Your Smartness” coming your way tomorrow! :)

To Your Smartness,

Jeremy Wong



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