Do you exercise?

Well, if you don’t, and you want to get around to becoming smarter, you better start!

Recent studies now show that people who exercise have more brain power – they think faster, more efficiently and have increased intelligence. A test was done with 259 individuals, where they were put through a statewide standardized test and those who were fitter scored better, even with socioeconomic factors taken into consideration.

How Can Exercising Make You Smarter

More intensive exercises such as jogging, swimming and tennis causes older nerve cells to form dense, interconnected webs, which results in faster and more efficient thinking – the factors that determine how quickly you think on your feet, which is the definition of smart. Researchers have also found that every time a muscle is put in motion, it sends out a protein called IGF-1, which is the fuel to all activities in the brain that lead to higher thought.

Exercising also means you have better blood circulation and therefore, a better oxygen supply to your brain, which essentially means you become sharper and think better.

Just 10 minutes of exercising can already boost your thinking speed. Results of an experiment concluded that by simply just doing that, the brain’s response time increased by 35 milliseconds! It simply means you think faster.

Are you motivated to exercise yet?

Remember, I might only have stated the benefits of exercising on the brain, but don’t forget the other benefits it has, such as feel better and it prevents a whole list of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and A LOT more

Oh, and did I forget to mention that you actually look better too? ;-)

In this article at NBC, it even states:

“It seems that working out may literally grow brain cells.”

and students who went through a new program in school that put them in the gym every morning have had these fascinating results of becoming smarter:

“My grades have gone up from exercising in the morning,” Caley said.

“I feel like I’ve gotten a lot faster in reading,” Eric said.

“A lot of my tests are getting a lot better now,” Rhandyl said.

Also, exercising helps the body build up on BDNF, a chemical that is responsible for picking up new knowledge and skills that you apply everyday. Knowledge is power, and people with a shortage of BDNF shut off new information. Brains with more BDNF have a greater capacity for knowledge.

Just imagine – you don’t just Look Better, you also Become Smarter AND More Intelligent!

What could get better than that, seriously?

If you truly want to become smarter and get an edge over others, really, start exercising. If you don’t think you have the time to go to the gym, or if there isn’t a facility that is easily accessible, I have an alternative in store for you, so read on.

How You Can Start Exercising and Become Smarter


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1) Seek out some friends to do sports with you – This is the most fun

Tell them about this page and ask them to read about the benefits of exercising for the brain, or simply just ask them if they want to play soccer, or basketball or any sport at all.

If your friends are already exercising via a sport such as basketball, ask them if you could join the them the next time around, and if you don’t know how to play the sport, just ask them to teach you! The good thing about doing sports with friends is that you can enjoy yourself both during and after it, when everyone goes out to chill.

Actually, you can go the gym with your friends – and have a mighty good time talking and laughing while on the treadmill or lifting weights. Well, that’s what I do whenever I go (which is not very often nowadays, lol), and it isn’t too bad at all


2) Go to the Gym - This is the most effective

Sign up as a member at the gym most convenient for you, and take on one of their training programs so you won’t have any excuse of not knowing what routine to do there. I’ve been through it and I know that you will give yourself reasons upon reasons not to go. When I got a trainer there, I never stopped going because I paid for it, until I stopped because of school but it might still be a little too expensive for you.

Take a look at Global Health & Fitness if getting the gym trainer is too expensive. It’s way cheaper and you get your very own personal trainer as well. It’s award winning and run by someone I know who’s reliable.

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**Don’t forget to do cardiovascular exercises such as running on the treadmill, as it benefits the brain in ways which weight lifting cannot do!**


3) Do it at Home – Also very effective

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym or do sports, or if you’re afraid that the experienced, more shapely gym people might laugh at you, do weights at home. All you need to get are some dumbbells and you’re set! However, don’t forget about cardio exercises, so get out and do some running around the neighborhood as well, 30 minutes 3 times a week.

If you have no clue at all on what to do with those dumbbells, I found this – Dumbell Routines and Exercises. It shows you how to exercise at home easily with just dumbbells and no hassle of having to travel anywhere at all – with full step-by-step instructions and illustrations. I did not have such a nice guide to doing full dumbbell routines at home in the past and had to consult the people at the gym.

Personally, I haven’t reviewed this book myself because I’ve been through it the costlier way (Gym Trainer). So, I’d love to hear your review if you’ve purchased it and I’d gladly feature your review here on this blog as a recommendation to everyone. :)

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4) The Easiest Alternative: Get Fit While You Sit

This eBook has got to either be the best or the most ridiculous I have seen. It teaches you how to exercise at the most unexpected places – while you’re waiting for the prison break advertisement to end on your couch, or in the plane waiting to land at your destination. Imagine being able to exercise even at your accountant day job and keep fit using work hours while everyone has to spend the precious time they have outside the office to achieve the same level of fitness.

This is definitely something worth checking out, even if it’s only for the novelty.

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Remember, if you really want to become smarter, get off the seat once in awhile and do start exercising. I guarantee your life will get better.

Whenever you lose motivation, think about this:

Imagine being not just the smartest in the room, but also the fittest.

Happy exercising – and to your smartness!


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