This is a continuation from Eating to your Smartness – Part 1, part of a series of articles about becoming smarter through foods, so visit here if you haven’t read it.

Remember part 1? Where I spoke of the benefits of eating right for the brain, and moved into the details of one of the important key components that help to maximize brain power – Water. In this article, I will speak of oxygen and how you can apply some strategies to enhance your brain’s mental capability, including one of the most powerful methods, which I will speak about at the end.

How To Become Smarter:

To function at its peak, our brain needs a lot of oxygen – in fact, it uses approximately 20% of ALL our body’s oxygen consumption, pretty hefty for an organ that only takes up 2% of our whole body mass. This is precisely why the brain starts to lose its effectiveness very quickly the moment our oxygen intake goes down – we start to feel sleepy, lazy and un-alert. This is the main reason we feel sleepy after big meals, as our digestive system uses up a larger amount of oxygen to digest the food that we have eaten.

So how do you go about preventing that?

Well, to combat that, you should eat smaller meals more often every day. So, instead of eating 3 large meals a day, which is what’s normally practiced, eat 7 smaller meals. If this is too troublesome for you, there is also another way, which is to chew your food 30 times before you swallow. A huge amount of the digestion is done in your mouth this way, and this will save a lot of energy when the food gets to your stomach – as it won’t have to use as much energy. If you can afford to do both, it’s even better!

Try it, and see results within 48 hours.

There are more benefits than just enhancing your alertness and thinking ability – you can actually lose weight by following the 7-meal-a-day plan. Body builders follow that plan so that there will be no excess fat as the energy is used up for every meal. However, this topic is out of the subject, since this is about becoming smarter and more intelligent through foods.

Another way to increase the oxygen flow to your brain temporarily but quickly to improve brain performance and become smarter is to take in deep breaths. This helps to relax you and increases the oxygen intake. People tend to breathe very lightly and it’s good to practice doing otherwise – and breathing through your nose will help, as you are more likely to breathe in deeper. It’s good to do this before a test, or before you start on any activity that requires good use of your brain.

Vitamins are also another way to increase oxygen flow to your brain, as it improves the amount of oxygen that goes to your brain by reducing the obstacles which would cause otherwise. So, eat your green vegetables and fruits.

If you smoke, know that it actually decreases the amount of oxygen that goes to your brain as it is diluted by the other gases that you inhale with the smoke. So stop smoking if you want that extra brain power. So, congratulations on having another reason to stop smoking!

One more method to increase the oxygen supply to your brain is simply by exercising. I covered that in another article HERE, so just visit that page for more details.

Stay tuned for part 3 about nutritious foods!

To Your Smartness,

Jeremy Wong


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