Breakfast, the meal that many people skip -

“There’s no time for breakfast!”

“Breakfast is a waste of time…”

“I can save money by eating one less meal!”

The all common reasons why people don’t eat their breakfast, but little do they know that doing that is not a very smart thing to do.

Why? Breakfast has been proven over and over again to be extremely beneficial on the brain, and you can become significantly smarter than you already are just by having this often neglected meal.

It may be the lightest meal you have, but it’s most likely because you make it so, and then dismiss it because it seems so puny and won’t have any significant effect on anything. It’s culture that is spreading the fact that breakfast is the lightest meal, when the best way is actually to have it the heaviest, with dinner being the lightest. However, I understand that you will most likely find it hard to have a heavy breakfast because I did. But I managed to get around it, and now I’m frequently having a breakfast that’s very much like the lunch I used to have.

Why Does Breakfast Make You Smarter


You get a better memory - your starved body is unable to provide your brain with a constant supply of glucose, and your brain is impaired. It has been proven many times that our memory is significantly poorer when we skip breakfast. Consider this – the number of hours your body hasn’t had any food when you don’t eat breakfast, is since you last had dinner, which is at least 12 hours away from lunch. Don’t you think the energy you had gotten from dinner would have been exhausted by then? This leaves your body to convert protein and fat into energy your brain can use, and a very inefficient form, causing lowered brain performance.

You think faster and clearer - You will be able to process problems and solve them much better and also make less errors when doing tasks. Know that you will look smart to other people as well, because you can avoid mistakes that would otherwise be embarrassing or mistakes that would make you lose credibility when you want to prove something.

You get improved spatial memory - This is the memory that is responsible for your awareness of the surrounding. Without this, you won’t be able to navigate properly. It also helps with solving puzzles and art.

You concentrate better - It is hard to focus when your brain has a lack of energy and you feel sleepy and unalert.

Your verbal fluency is improved - How many times have you embarrassed yourself by making speech mistakes? You look and sound smarter when you can speak fluently.

You learn better - Even if you’re no longer studying, you still learn. When you get a new assignment at your job, you need to study it before you know what to do, and how to do it well. Breakfast increases your ability to pick out and select better information, which means you become a lot more efficient at learning. And remember, learning helps you build up intelligent memory, which helps you in many other aspects. You won’t be able to come up with smart solutions without intelligent memory.

Your mood is improved - I have mentioned numerous times about being able to think better when you’re in a good mood. When you’re in a bad mood, you tend to think of the more useless things, and become less focused on your goal.

You are less likely to become depressed - Mindset plays a huge role in whether you think and do smart. If you think you’re smart, you think and do things like a smart person would. It has been shown that the opinion of one’s self helps in many other areas, and this is just one of them.

Your mental abilities will be better than most people around you - because they don’t eat their breakfast. You can become the smartest at work or school just by eating breakfast. The effects are significant enough to overcome genetic advantage.

**Bonus Benefit** Eating breakfast can help you lose weight - Firstly, you eat less each meal, and that prevents you from eating too much in the later meals, which causes excess energy that is turned to fat. Secondly, you tend to eat less later on.

Is all that enough to make you want to eat breakfast?

If you want to become smarter, it sure is! And I’m pretty sure you’d like to be even smarter than you are now.

I will be giving you some tips on how you can maintain this smart habit. Bur first, what you can do.

What You Can Do To Become Smarter

Simple, eat your breakfast.

Which foods to choose? Read Tip #5 an Tip #6 about foods that help increase your brain power. Combine eating breakfast with these, and you’re easily many folds ahead of others at maximizing your brain power.

Doing it, that’s the hard part. But here are some suggestions…

How You Can Do It To Become Smarter

1. Wake up earlier – Yes, try to set your alarm clock to ring 15 minutes earlier, and if you cannot lose even 15 minutes of sleep, go to bed 15 minutes earlier. If you really hate to do this, try the next few.

Sandwiches are Delicious

2. Sandwiches – Simply ask the chef of the household to make you some sandwiches, or if its you, make it yourself. They are easily made and packed and can be eaten at the workplace most of the time, or on your way to work. Make two wholegrain bread sandwiches with ham, eggs and cheese for the complete meal. The ingredients I just mentioned are particularly good for memory improvement. This is one of the easiest and most convenient methods of having breakfast and one of the most customizable, but don’t make it too light or the effects will be light too. Have 4 half-sandwiches instead. (4 slices of bread in all)

3. Smoothie -Simply make it the night before and put it in the fridge for zero preparation time in the morning. Use yogurt and fruit to make a healthy milkshake, and yogurt is one of the brain foods because it contains the chemical tyrosine, that helps create neurotransmitters. (Read Tip #5 on the benefits of these neurotransmitters)

4. Both Sandwiches and a Smoothie - The smoothie alone does not have any complete proteins unless of course, you put bacon in it. Jokes aside, having both will be even better if you can manage.

5. Oatmeal bars & Muesli bars - They have a low G.I. and they are delicious. Very convenient too.

6. Buy Breakfast on the way to work/school - Yes, I do that a lot. I just buy food from restaurants/shops that I pass by as I go to work/school and eat at work. If your workplace does not allow you to eat packed meals that look like lunch (best way I can describe it), buy foods like sandwiches or fast food sandwiches if it’s the only convenient place to get them. Yes, fast food sandwiches have a broader amount of nutrients when compared to cereal with fruit, and these nutrients are very important. For example, cereal and fruit have no fat, which help slow down carbohydrate digestion rate which helps maintain a stabler energy supply.

7. Shop for instant food - Yes, if you really cannot do the rest, get instant foods that can be microwaved in the morning. Breakfast is that important if you want to become smarter. However, choose your foods right, and make sure they contain proteins and carbohydrates.

All these methods are viable, and you can even rotate them so that you get to try different things each time.

To conclude, if you want to become smarter, remember breakfast!

I hope you enjoyed this article -

To Your Smartness!

P.S. Do you currently eat breakfast? If not, what are the reason? I would love to hear it, and I’d gladly post a solution on how you can best overcome it. ;)



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