“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.” -Dave Barry

The Tango. The Cha-cha. The Waltz. You know all these too well, but what you probably don’t know, is that dancing is the one of the most effective physical activities for enhancing the brain and making you smarter.

Let me explain.

Why Dancing Makes You Smarter

  • Dancing results in increased serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter responsible for enhancing many of the brain’s functions, both directly and indirectly, as I’ve talked about in other articles quite extensively, especially Tip #5: Eat the Right Foods.
  • It reduces stress, which allows the brain to perform better as it’s not under a whole load of pressure. Pressure reduces our thinking rationale, and we tend to make rash decisions, which is not smart at all.


  • Dancing improves your sense of of well being - again, another factor that will affect the way you think, and you tend to make smarter choices when you feel this way. Note that it is not just about mindset, the chemicals your brain gets from dancing contribute to this as well, so there’s a biological part to it.
  • You learn better because of point no. 1 which I mentioned above. Serotonin enhances learning abilities, which means you take in more and better information when you do things, which you will use to apply to other aspects of life. You maximize your experience of doing something because you learn more out of it, so you will be able to make smarter decisions whenever you encounter another situation where you will use what you have learnt.
  • Your memory is improved because of increased serotonin levels. I’ve talked about the benefits of memory on being smarter numerous times in other articles, which you might have already read, or if you have not, just explore the sections via the navigation bar on the right.
  • You have a better appetite, and why is this important? The more you feel like eating, the more enthusiastic you will get about food, and you’ll take effort in choosing what you want to eat. Food has a huge impact on the brain, as I’ve talked about in Tip #5 and Tip #6. If you haven’t read those, scroll back up to click on the links and read them – you wouldn’t want to miss one of the most easily applicable things you can do to become smarter!
  • You sleep better and the benefits of this on the brain is enormous, and the negative effects of having a lack of it is not very nice to hear too. Dancing will allow you to sleep better and get enough proper sleep through the night.
  • Dancing increases your intelligence, because it requires a significant amount of decision making, based on your partner’s moves. When you dance, many aspects of your brain is used – kinesthetic, musical, rational and emotional – which would result in improved decision making, especially split-second decision making. You train your brain to create new neurological paths, which leaves you with more possibilities in solving problems.
  • Your resistance to mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia is increased by 78% compared to if you don’t dance. This keeps you smart as you get older and the amount of synapses (neuron connections in the brain) reduces to less than two times of what you have when you’re young.

I just mentioned a whole load of benefits you can get, and hopefully, you will see how beneficial dancing is to the brain.

What You Can Do To Start Dancing

Dance With Me

Dancing seems like a really unappealing thing to a lot of people, probably even to you, especially when it comes to ballroom dances – as it’s not particularly at its trendiest now. However, its definitely still one of the most romantic things you can do with your partner and it can become something very memorable.Dancing will be here to stay for a long time and its not just cultural, it also remains as one of the best relationship-strengthening activities that you can do with a partner

If you’re in a relationship, go ahead and ask your partner if he or she is interested in taking on dancing lessons with you, or you could simply get some dancing DVDs and practice with your partner at the comfort of your own homes where you can have all the privacy and of course, some warm tender loving, with just the two of you spending quality time together, alone.

Just imagine dancing in the moonlight with your partner at the shore, even a balcony will do – watching over the beautiful horizon and outdoors.

Surely all this sounds appealing to you. ;)

…and don’t forget, you also get smarter!

And if you have no partner, fret not!

Simply – look for a dance class near you. It may not sound appealing yet, but read on.

Dancing is a social activity, and you get to meet along of people. It’s also a natural icebreaker, aside from being one of the most exhilarating dating activities.

When you join a dancing class, you will get a dance partner or even multiple dance partners, and you get to go through the fun process of learning how to dance, where everybody makes mistakes together and doesn’t worry because everyone is at the same level. You might even meet your dream date at a place like this. Soon enough, you’ll be able to advance to where I was speaking just before this and have the most romantic moments!

If you’re a guy, one huge point of learning how to dance is that it boosts your confidence. When you know your moves and you’re not afraid to show it, it becomes very easy to ask for a dance at a date. This even extends to general confidence in your dates, as you’ll learn how to handle a woman when you learn to dance.

Ladies, when you learn how to dance, you gain grace, poise and the charm of a dancer – and surely, you’d prefer a man who can dance! Also, you also make dancing more romantic and enjoyable during a date.

Just imagine dancing with the partner of your dreams.

Its a very pleasant thought.

Are these reasons enough to get you dancing? ;)

How You Can Start Dancing

You can see a list of different dances you can learn here. Among those are the famous ones you know like The Waltz and the Tango.

  • Look for advertisements in the newspapers, or simply ask around to find out where you can learn dancing. It’s way worth the investment when you can meet new people, especially since you might be able to meet the person of your dreams. Dancing triggers romantic thoughts and you’re more likely to fall in love there, and this applies to your dance partner too!

  • Get DVDs that teach dancing. It’s only advisable for couples to do this because it’s really hard to learn alone. Plus, you won’t get to meet new people! A great place to get these DVDs is at The Dance Store Online or Amazon.
  • Intimidated by going alone? It’s actually better to go alone, because you will naturally spend more time with the people there instead of hanging out with your clique all the time. Also, you’ll be free to go places after the lessons without any pressure because you’re alone!
  • Still intimidated?! Find a friend who might be interested in taking dance lessons with you. There won’t be a lot of embarrassing moments because your friend would be learning too, and he’s might even make mistakes than you do!
  • Join the dance club at your school/institution and you don’t only get to meet new people, you meet people of your age group that you can clique with without worries of a generation gap.
  • Simply, ask your partner to learn dancing with you. This is for the couples out there, and its really easy to do because theres two willing!

Hopefully, you got an insight on dancing and how great it can be for the brain and becoming smarter!


Are you going to start dancing?

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