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This blog is going to be regularly updated with practical methods and ways that will help you become smarter. I will be filling this website with valuable information that you can understand, and bring you on a journey to unlock your brain’s maximum potential – ultimately, to make you smarter and more intelligent.

In the coming weeks, I will be providing you with new information on the Hows, Whys, and Whats of becoming smarter.

Howsthe explanations of how it works. -e.g. “How does breathing correctly help you become smarter?”

Whys - the explanations of why it works. -e.g. “Why does breathing correctly make you become smarter?”

and most importantly,

Whats - the actions you can actually take to make it happen. -e.g. “What you can actually do to make yourself become smarter.”

Perhaps reading faster is your definition of becoming smarter, or maybe it is being able to think quicker and beat others to coming up with better solutions at a faster rate – either way, we will have information for you that will help you achieve just that and get you to a level where you can overcome genetics and become smarter than you are ever before.

In this urban world, the brain is probably the most important asset to your survival – long gone are the times where the physically strong rule. Amongst the younger, physical dominance may play a role as survival has less of a financial involvement, but smartness will still triumph in the long run when life begins to reward those who operate smarter.

Becoming Smarter will contain information of ALL kinds on making you smarter, ranging from all categories – Diet, Puzzles, Fitness, Meditation, whatever you can think of. There are no boundaries. As long as something can make you smarter, more intelligent, or improve your brain’s abilities, I will be putting it here.

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Ask ANY number of questions no matter how ridiculous you think they might be, and I will try my best to answer them, and put them as complete posts for everyone to read. Use the comments to ask your questions, or simply just send me an e-mail at

It can even be “Do I get smart by skipping meals?” or even “Does sitting at my couch make me any smarter?”. Anything at all!

The more questions you ask and the more comments you make, the better this place gets - because then, there will be more content and more content means more for you to read about how to become smarter.

You determine the content of this blog. So, post as many comments as you like, and enjoy yourself.

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